About us



Onanoko Textiles, made by hand, is made up of a mother-daughter team, Mary Jonaitis and Ona Yopack. Mary brings a background based in printmaking, painting, graphic design, and costuming. She has had a lifelong love of knitting with wool and making clothing. Ona Yopack, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design in Textiles, brings an appreciation of abstract concepts and geometric imagery together with a range of technical industry skills.


Our references and inspirations are wide ranging: from cutting-edge architectural concepts to the unfolding of a delicate poppy in the garden or the intricately woven bird’s nest, hanging in the tree next to our front door.


The individual pieces we make, each one created by hand, are unique, even within a seasonal line.  Our central fabrication process is wet felting, specializing in nuno-felt, an integration of wool roving into woven fabric.  We like to combine handmade felt with knit or woven details.  It is our intention to keep you warm while still looking naturally stylish and chic.